Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Here's a little peek at the rough boards I did for The Bronson Maneuver. Being a lazy bum, I take lots of shortcuts hoping that I simply got the idea across to the rest of the crew. Please excuse the general unsexiness of these images!!! Hahahaha.

If you've already seen The Bronson Maneuver, you'll notice the ending in the storyreel is a little bit different from what was in the final product. Though I'd like to say that we were mature enough to realize that the bloody ending was pure indulgence in the end, it really came down to the fact that the deadline for the CGSociety Challenge loomed a little too close for comfort. In terms of making creative decisions, I admit it felt like a compromise of our 'VISIONARY GENIUS!' We actually told ourselves that we would go back and make our lofty 'uncompromised' version.

We finished our contest entry in time. And perhaps it was due to fatigue or plain laziness, but we no longer felt any need to go back and pull a 'special edition.' The four of us were all very content with what we'd done.

So, no blood.


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