Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Some Like it Hoth

A friend of mine, a fiend for Star Wars, recently had a birthday. His girlfriend wanted to surprise him by turning their apartment into the Ice Planet Hoth. She requested a representation of a taun taun, a wampa, and Luke hanging upside-down to reproduce larger so that she could hang them on the ceilings. I was happy to oblige.

And here's what the wampa looked like once it was printed and set up on Ice Apartment Hoth.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

How Far My Procrastination Will Go

Around October 12th of last year (2009), a close friend of someone I talk to online commissioned a drawing from me. He wanted the next tattoo he got to be of his son and daughter going around his left forearm. His son, a Halo fan, was to be in a mech battle suit. His daughter took martial arts and calisthenics. I took on the job as a request and declined any sort of pay.

And here I am, over a year later, finally having done something that didn't take me all that long to do. It was a combination of "writer's block" and laziness. "Life got in the way." But not really. You might wonder if accepting compensation would've made me more likely to finish it up sooner. I honestly don't think so.

So, here it is. Work done over the course of 2 days (backed up by the foundation of a year of starts and stops and mulling over it in self-loathing guilt), as I batted ideas back and forth constantly with the client.